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Kelly Edward Wilson : Three Reasons to Work in a Hospital

Kelly Edward Wilson

Kelly Edward Wilson earned his Doctor of Medicine from the University of Kansas School of Medicine in 2012. Kelly Edward Wilson completed a one-year internship in internal medicine and then a two-year residency. He became board certified in internal medicine in 2015 and began working at the Womack Army Medical Center in July of 2015.

Physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals have the option of working in either a hospital setting or a clinical setting. One reason to choose a hospital is the potential for higher pay. Hospitals are generally better funded than private clinics. Therefore, you may be able to work towards a higher salary.

Another reason to work in a hospital is to learn and build your career. You will be surrounded by other professionals. You may have the opportunity to work with a physician in your field who has more experience. You can learn from your colleagues and advance your knowledge of your field.

A third reason to choose a hospital setting is to help people who are in need. If you choose to become a doctor in a hospital, you may be helping people during their time of need. Doctors who work in a clinic may focus on preventative medicine and routine appointments. Kelly Edward Wilson has been practicing medicine since 2015. Kelly Edward Wilson chose to return to school and earn a medical degree. Kelly Edward Wilson is an internal medicine physician at the Womack Army Medical Center in North Carolina.

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