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Kelly Edward Wilson: The Importance of Network Communications


Kelly Edward Wilson cares for patients who need to undergo treatment in the hospital.

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Kelly Edward Wilson worked for AT&T between October of 1999 and February of 2008. Kelly Edward Wilson worked as a cable repair technician as well as a network technician and a local field operations manager. He gained experience in network communications before returning to school and earning a Doctor of Medicine. The network communications and telecommunications industry play a valuable role in society.

Network communications allow people to connect. Worldwide communication can help people improve their professional lives as well as their personal lives. Technology and network communications can allow people to work from overseas or from home. Network communications can allow people to maintain long distance relationships as well. Network communications is a broad term that involves several types of devices and materials. Local communication involves internet networks as well as phone lines. People can set up internet access in their homes and then use it to connect with people all over the world.

Some of the devices involved in network communications are fiber optic cables, telephone wiring, computer servers, and modems. Each of these devices can be used to connect to networks. Network communications is a broad and complex field that can help society and technology advance. Kelly Edward Wilson worked in communications with AT&T before returning to school. Kelly Edward Wilson earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and then completed his medical prerequisites at Wichita State University. He then went on to earn a Doctor of Medicine and become a certified physician. Kelly Edward Wilson is a successful physician with a background in network communications.

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