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Kelly Edward Wilson: The Importance of Military Service

Kelly Edward Wilson

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Kelly Edward Wilson grew up in a military family and chose to enlist in the United States Air Force in 1996, when he was only seventeen years old. He was in the air force for three years and then returned to civilian life. He spent the next eight years working for AT&T and then decided to return to school. He joined the United States Army and was a reserve while he attended medical school. He was involved in the Health Professions Scholarship Program and is currently an Internal Medicine provider at the Womack Army Medical Center.

Military service is important for a number of reasons. Men and women who joined the armed forces are protecting and serving their country. If you are interested in helping others, you may consider joining a branch of the military. There are five branches of the United States military; the United States Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard. These branches serve the United State and protect the citizens during times of war.

Military service can be a great way to learn a skill. While you are in the military, you will be given a task or a job. For example, you may be assigned and trained as a ground radio technician. If you choose to leave the military, you can use the skills you learned to build a career as a civilian. Kelly Edward Wilson was in the United States Air Force and is currently a doctor and a captain in the United States Army.

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